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My son Luke is 5 years old and has Down Syndrome and sensory issues. I brought my daughter to see Adrienne for Craniosacral Therapy and it really helped to settle her, so I decided to bring Luke to see if it would help with some behavioural issues. Adrienne worked really well with Luke, he was noticeable calmer and followed direction better afterwards.” 

Ashling & Luke

My daughter was born in July and at first was sleeping, eating and settled. After a few weeks she started to constantly cry hardly any sleep day or night, it was such a high pitched screech. It really was a struggle as we were getting no sleep either. Her feeding was all over the place. I was recommended to try Craniosacral Therapy as it had worked for their son. I had never heard of it but was willing to try anything if it helped my daughter. I found The Willow Rooms on line. Their website stood out for detail and explanation which is why I contacted Adrienne.
I went down with my partner, daughter and an open mind. The best way to describe it is I went in with a crying unsettled baby and came out with a different baby. She started having naps, slept a bit better at night and the high pitched screech is gone. My daughter had 3 sessions and I brought her back for another session after her 3 monthly injections. She fainted after her injections and for a few days after was unsettled so I brought her back down and it did her the world of good. I would highly recommend Adrienne” 


“Karen was recommended to me as a life coach, who also worked with teenagers, particularly on study skills and preparation for exams.   With 6 weeks to go to L/C, I persuaded my lad to do a session with Karen to see if it would help focus him in the last run up to the exams.   Karen very kindly slotted us in on a Saturday, as she was fully booked during the week.    The session was excellent.  In advance, Karen had asked for the subjects being covered and it was clear at the session that Karen had done a lot of prep work on each subject.   She imparted nice, quick useful techniques for last minute study.   She showed how to answer “cleverly” to ensure maximum points for what you write.   She was informative, supportive and down to earth.  She took into consideration what Peter was willing to do and planned the 6 weeks out for him in a schedule that suited him and his study style.  He left the session with hints and tips, a detailed plan and a bit more confidence heading into the home-straight of LC!   I would definitely recommend Karen for anyone who needs support in this area.”
Phil K

I first took our daughter Maria to the Willow Rooms when she was just weeks old for Craniosacral therapy with Adrienne! I had read great reviews of the therapy online for treating reflux, colic and general discomfort/unsettledness in babies, plus my interest was further driven by the benefits Craniosacral therapy can have for children and adults with Down Syndrome!
Maria has always responded so well to the therapy and instantly benefited! I noticed a marked improvement in both her breathing and reflux symptoms, plus the added bonus of her sleeping like a log afterwards ?
I couldn’t recommend Adrienne and the Willow Rooms highly enough, Maria is now 18 months and we still attend regularly!
Thank you so much”

Edel & Maria

My daughter who is 10 and has autism has been attending Adrienne for craniosacral therapy for the past few months. My daughter loves going for the therapy and Adrienne is brilliant with her, so calm and considerate with her.
I have noticed that my daughters listening skills have greatly improved and she is coming out with longer sentences. I have also enjoyed these sessions as it’s lovely to see my daughter enjoying herself and relaxing.”

Daughter (mother)

Working with Karen was easy and convenient, as an in-person session was not feasible due to Covid 19, even though the sessions were online.  She made me feel so comfortable and being able to check in with Karen weekly was like having a best friend whose sole purpose is to help you succeed.  When I needed support especially during lockdown, Karen encouraged me without passing judgement and helped me to realise that I had the power within me to help myself – Thank you Karen!”


I was recommended to try Craniosacral therapy with Adrienne for neuralgia, that had been severely painful for a number of months. After my first treatment I felt fantastic, almost all pain was gone. After my second treatment all pain was gone! Now I just go for cranio-sacral treatments because I feel wonderful after the treatment – total relaxation. Thanks Adrienne.” 

Carmel Farnan

“Adrienne is an amazingly gifted woman. Through her belief in and passion for Reflexology she transports you into a wonderfully, calm, healthy space and restores balance and well being into your life. I have just been through a traumatic year. Nine close relations and friends died, one being my Mom. I was barely getting through the day because grief and sadness consumed me. My GP suggested Reflexology and particularly recommended Adrienne. I reluctantly went along and from my first visit I felt a huge weight was lifted. I went every week for a few weeks, then fortnightly and I still go now every few weeks. I can honestly say Adrienne saved me. She brought me back from the depths of despair and restored my well being and sanity. No matter what your problem is I can’t stress enough, Adrienne will help you. Try it yourself and I know you will be amazed. Believe in the Power of holistic treatments and particularly Reflexology. You deserve to feel well, positive and happy every day of your life. X”

Rosemary, Skerries


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