The Willow Rooms

                            Holistic Centre, Skerries, Co Dublin

Health and Wellbeing in the beautiful coastal town of Skerries

The Willow Rooms is a place where likeminded therapists have come together to offer a holistic approach to our clients needs. Each therapist is fully trained and experienced in their specific complimentary therapy.

Centrally located and accessible at 36B The Square, Skerries. This allows us to serve the wider community of Rush, Lusk, Balbriggan, Donabate, Portrane, Swords and Fingal in a relaxing and caring environment.


We are continually developing, growing and sharing our knowledge by offering classes and workshops. For example baby reflexology, meditation classes, healing days, fermentation for gut health etc..Please check Facebook and Instagram to keep updated.

Let us be part of your journey into health and wellbeing.




Adrienne is a qualified Reflexologist, Craniosacral Therapist and Mindfulness teacher.  She has 10 years extensive experience and is passionate about empowering you to manage your health and wellbeing.  Her approach is to combine the best of these therapies to provide a more holistic approach to your emotional and physical health.


She treats babies, children and beyond with both CST and reflexology.  She has helped clients with fertility difficulties, during pregnancy and post natal.  Her experience with teaching children on the autism spectrum through Applied Behavioural Analysis further enhances her work as a therapist today.


She also runs classes in Baby Reflexology where she teaches parents how to treat their children through reflexology.


More information on Craniosacral Therapy here.


Adrienne is a member of the NRRI and the IACST 



Treatment cost: €60 per hour treatment

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Edel facilitates treatments to clients of all ages and walks of life. She also facilitates Mindfulness/Meditation Programmes, teen to adult transition programme, and a wonderful weekly Women’s Healing Meditation Circle.


Bio Energy is a simple non evasive treatment, which taps into the body’s energy system. Its effect is to boost the immune system allowing the body to heal itself. It is very gentle hands on hands off treatment – all you remove are your shoes!


Bio Energy therapy can help with a wide range of medical conditions, relieving stress, grief, clearing the thinking mind while also providing deep and wonderful relaxation.

“I am extremely passionate about my work.  Take your power back and live your life to the fullest”.  



Treatment: €60 per hour

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Clare is a fully certified Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.

She brings with her extensive negotiating and coaching skills through her career as a teacher, to support you on your health journey.  Clare is also a trained facilitator in wellbeing and resilience for children.  


Clare is passionate about encouraging people to engage in responsibility for their own health and wellbeing through whole foods, movement and positive attitude. Clare is a certified DNA Life Genetics Testing Practitioner, enabling her to work with you at a very deep level in complex health presentations. 


Clare also facilitates workshops in fermented foods. These are practical, fun and interactive, with extensive notes giving you confidence to start fermenting foods for your health and that of your family.


Nutrition with Clare services include:


◊   one-to-one consultation


◊   group programmes – working (with 6-8) on health concerns, incorporating the benefits of group   dynamics and support.


◊   workshops in fermented foods.


◊   Group and corporate talks on implementing health improvements through Nutrition and Lifestyle actions.


One-to-One Consultations involve tailoring an individual health and wellbeing programme, focused on developing positive nutrition and lifestyle habits, which aim to be sustainable and seamlessly integrate into your life.


Group programmes are similar to one-to-ones and are run over a number of weeks.


Both of these programmes aim to empower you to discover solutions, bringing

◊  increased energy and vitality,


◊  greater clarity around your goals


◊  success in achieving those goals.


Clare will work with you through small, manageable, achievable steps, to create and sustain long-lasting positive change in your life and health starting from 'your line in the sand'.


More information on Nutritional Therapy

Clare is a member of the Nutritional Therapist Ireland and can be found @nutritionwithclare on Facebook and Instagram.  Her website is under construction.



Treatment: €100 for first consultation (90 mins) / €60 for followup sessions (60 mins)

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Life Coach/Neurolinguistic Programming


Karen is a Life Coach trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, a highly effective way of changing behaviours and mindset.  She is passionate about helping people live the best life they can, assisting them in achieving their goals, with tailor made strategies that enable them to use their own resources and skills in order to succeed.


Are you confused, overwhelmed, lacking in confidence, or just don't know where to start?  Then coaching is a good place to explore your options and maximise your potential.  Karen will guide you through the changes and choices you need to make, assisting and guiding you to be your best.

Sessions are €60 per hour

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36B The Square, Skerries