The Willow Rooms

Health and Wellbeing in the beautiful coastal town of Skerries

The Willow Rooms is a place where likeminded therapists have come together to offer a holistic approach to our clients needs. Each therapist is fully trained and experienced in their specific complimentary therapy.

Centrally located and accessible at 36B The Square, Skerries. This allows us to serve the wider community in a relaxing and caring environment.


We are continually developing, growing and sharing our knowledge by offering classes and workshops. For example baby reflexology, meditation classes, healing days, fermentation for gut health etc..Please check Facebook and Instagram to keep updated.

Let us be part of your journey into health and wellbeing.




Adrienne is a qualified Reflexologist, Craniosacral Therapist and Mindfulness teacher.  She has 10 years extensive experience and is passionate about empowering you to manage your health and wellbeing.  Her approach is to combine the best of these therapies to provide a more holistic approach to your emotional and physical health

She treats babies, children and beyond with both CST and reflexology.  She has helped clients with fertility difficulties, during pregnancy and post natal.  Her experience with teaching children on the autism spectrum through Applied Behavioural Analysis further enhances her work as a therapist today.


She also runs classes in Baby Reflexology where she teaches parents how to treat their children through reflexology.


More information on Craniosacral Therapy here.


Adrienne is a member of the NRRI and the IACST 



Treatment: €60 per hour / €50 for babies and children

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Treatment: €60


Edel is a qualified Bio Energy Therapist. The treatment is non evasive using a series of hand movements to connect with the energy field surrounding the body, releasing blocked energy and restoring natural harmony of the Chakras. The treatment taps into the body's energy, boosting the immune system and allowing the body to heal itself.



Treatment: €60 per hour

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Clare is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. She is a trained facilitator for wellbeing and resilience in children, having a background in education. Clare offers one-to-one or group sessions. In  consultation with you, Clare will tailor an individual health and wellbeing programme, focused on developing positive nutrition and lifestyle habits, which will be sustainable and will seamlessly integrate into your life.




Treatment: €70 for first consulation / €50 for followup sessions

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36B The Square, Skerries